The project has two kind of users namely admin and customer. Each theatre has to register as admin by following the admin registration link. The admin can create shows by specifying number of seats in each category and the show timings apart from the movie details. The customer has to login to the system in order to access his/her dashboard. The customer can book a show by selecting movie name, show timing and number of seats. Once the user proceeds to next section he is shown a diagrammatic representation of seat arrangement inside the theater. The customer can select seats as per the number specified in previous step. The seats which have already been booked are marked red in order to indicate unavailability. The customer can also buy optional accompanying snacks items such as chips, fries and soft drinks after this step. The customer can pay through credit or debit card. This system thus saves a lot of time for the customer as they can book their tickets prior to show and visit the theater at the time of show. The system can effectively reduce long queues at the ticket counters of theater and black selling of tickets. Thus, the system proves to be efficient for the theater management as everything is centralized. Managing show timings and adding new shows is a few clicks away from the theater admin. They customer can pre book their show tickets online a by filling minimum details.

Sample Theater Booking System

This system is developed using the Microsoft dot net framework with Microsoft SQL Server as the back end database. For developing this application Microsoft Visual Studio has to be used as the IDE.

The existing system of theater management is old and manual. Usually long queues are spotted outside the ticket counter during new movie releases. The customers have to reach theater well before the show time in order to successfully book a ticket. Many customers have to return empty handed. It becomes very difficult for the theater management to manage the large crowd outside the thicket window. The tickets are manually distributed. There is always a chance of over-booking due to human error. Thus the existing is not an efficient solution for managing theater operations.

The proposed system is completely online. Beginning from show listing to seat booking everything is online. The theater admin can list new shows by entering show timings and number of seats in each category. Based on this input a diagrammatic representation of seats inside theater is presented to the customer at the time of ticket booking. Seats which have already been booked are marked red to indicate unavailability. The customer can order optional snacks such as chips, fries and cold drinks. The customer has to pay online using credit/debit card. The customers don’t need to rust to theater to get the tickets. They don’t have to stand in long queues. The chance of overbooking is nullified as the seat management is automated.

Admin Module

The theatre admin has to register first to get a user ID and password to login. Once the admin logs he/she can add new movies by selecting the movie type, name and entering number of seats per category. The admin specifies price of each ticket of each category. Once the admin fills out necessary details the show gets listed on the system ready to be booked by the customers.

Customer Module

The customers have to login in order to access the shows and book tickets. New customers have to register themselves first. Once the customer has logged in he/she can search for shows based on category. Once the customer has selected desired show, he/she can specify the number of seats and the category of seat he/she would like to book. After selecting these initial details, a diagrammatic layout of seat arrangement in presented to the user so he/she can select the set of his/her choice. The seats which are pre booked are marked red and disabled to depict unavailability. The customer can select optional snacks such as chips, fries and cold drinks. The customer has to make payment via credit or debit card.