Call center Shift Management System is proposed for the call centers using which they can computerized their shifts organized, work distribution and employee performances. Call centers are basically the work centers, which provide 24 hours customer care via telephones and Internets etc. Now a day every large or small company has, their call centers situated at different locations. Besides supporting customers via a team of customer care executives, call centers has one more team that of technical peoples responsible for allocating, maintaining, updating and allotment company’s communication network. In order to schedule and distribute the work via which company can run smoothly the call centers make different-different teams and distribute the work task in several shifts to facilitate both the customer and the employee.

Feasibility Study

Benefit Analysis

In the current Shift Management System it is difficult for the employee to work over a number of projects simultaneously and for the call center to distribute the times. This results to costing a call center in terms of

  • Unnecessary delays in the work planned ahead
  • Extra manpower requirement to transfer messages across the organization on a daily basis.
  • Employees are working at different departments are not able to get some technical and administrative support sometimes from the call center and proceed in their own way which sometimes leads to unnecessary delays I the ongoing project.

The proposed Shift Management System if implemented will lead to cost saving in following ways:

  • Availability of information by the call center from employees and vice versa related to the ongoing project. Leading to efficient planning for the work ahead in proper time shifts.
  • No extra manpower requirement for the communication between the employees and mangers or any department. The system handles all the communication activities.
  • No extra manpower requirement for the communication between the employees and mangers or any department. The system handles all the communication activities.
  • The employees get the technical and administrative support in terms of the articles posted by other employees or administrator related to their experiences and responses to the queries raised of them in shorter period of time.

Shift Management SystemThe linear sequential model for software engineering. Modeled after a conventional engineering cycle, the linear sequential model encompasses the following activities:-

  • System /Information engineering and modeling.
  • Software requirements Analysis.
  • Design.
  • Code Generation.
  • Testing.
  • Support.

Shift Management System diagram

Implementation Of The System

The overall software of Employee management system is implemented using Visual Basic and Oracle-8. The Visual Basic provides a perfect graphical user interface for implement the call center’s shift allotment system into the forms to make the system user friendly and interactive. The system is implemented in forms, which are connected to oracle database, which in its turn is used to held data or records for the further details. Call center’s shift allotment System is implemented into Visual Basic forms used to take input i.e. details required for the system. Detail manipulation and calculations are also performed via the forms and the correspondent data is sent to the tables of the oracle database.

Forms Designs

This form contains all the fields of employee details table. It also contains few necessary navigation buttons. It contain buttons for adding, saving and deleting records. Records saved from this form goes directly to employee_details table.

This form is linked to the employee form. After filling the official details in the employee form we will fill in his personal details in this form. This form is bound to the personal_details table and all the record will be saved in this table.

This form is used to assign the jobs to the
Employees. In this form the reporting officer is also assigned to the employee along with the start, end, review dates of the project. According to the review date given in this form, the employees will be reviewed.

Each and every employees review details is stored in table from this form. There are two buttons in this form. One is SAVE and another one is EXIT. In the click event of save button there are some important procedures, which needs some explanation. As I am processing three reviews of each person, so it will be very difficult to maintain record of all the three reviews in this table. So I am moving the points of each employee in the Point’s table each time a person is reviewed along with his emp_no . Since there is a number of data flow from this form so it is a very important form.

In this project result form is a sub form of the review form. The average acquired from this form is passed to the review form to calculate the final details for the employee performance. As soon as the employees review is done the records from this table is deleted, so as to reduce redundancy.

Shift Management System Snapshots

shift management system Welcome page

shift management system login

call center shift schedule employee shift details employee work details Home page Office details Personal details page report one review details page Shift allocation page shift management system reports shift management system shift details Shift scheduling


Shift Management System Data flow Diagram


1st Level DFD

Call center first level diagram


2nd level DFD

Call center second level diagram

3rd level DFD

Call center third level diagram


Minimum Requirement

  • Random Access Memory: 64 MB.
  • Hard Disk: 10 GB.
  • Processor: P I (100 MHZ)



Like all other systems this system will remain feasible in the long run only if it provides the solutions to the current and future needs of the call centers and must be up to date as per the requirement of the call centers, it should evolve continually so as to incorporate the necessary changes. In addition, changes in the hardware and software platforms may also make it necessary to port the current application to that specific platform.

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Shift Management System Report