Seminar’s are important part of academic assignment work where students needs to present seminar on topic of their choice. Students can select seminar topics from below list and they can modify it based on their need.

We have collected list of almost 50 plus seminar topics for 2017 which can be used for your seminar presentation. Computer science student should select seminar based on their interest and technical knowledge of the topic as questions can be fired from examiner if he is somewhat familiar with the topic.

Seminar Presentations


Intrusion Detection System

Real-time Transport Protocol

Load Balancing on Internet

Multicasting in Ad Hoc Networks

Grid Computing

Hyper Threading

Mobile ad hoc network

Parasitic Computing

Quantum Cryptography

Load Balancing in Parallel Computers

Security in Mobile Database Systems

Internet Access via Cable TV Network

MPEG Video Compression

Satellite Radio

3G vs WiFi

Text Mining

Direct Access File System

Intelligent Software Agents

Information or Data Visualizing Techniques

Routing In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Next Generation Protocol

Haptic Technology

Quantum teleportation

Robust Adiabatic Circuits

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Wireless Network Security

Virtual Retinal Display

The Tiger SHARC processor

Sixth Sense Technology

New Programming Languages

Quantum Computing And Its Application In Cryptography

10 Gigabit Ethernet

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

Artificial Intelligence

Brain Fingerprinting

Computational Visual Attention Systems

Digital Water Marking

Wearable Computers

IP Spoofing


Wireless Application Protocol

Cryptography and Network Security

Storage Area Network

Bluetooth Technology

Video Fingerprinting And Encryption Principles

Artificial Neural Network

Graphics Processing Unit

Nuclear Fuels using Lasers

High Altitude Aeronautical Platforms


Network Attached Storage

(Lighitweight Directory Access Protocol

Geographical Information System

Storage Area Network

5G Technology

Pervasive Computing

Nuclear Batteries Daintiest Dynamos


Mobile Phone Cloning

Web Mining

Virtual Private Networks

Smart Fabrics

Polymer Memory

ZigBee Technolgy

Direct Memory Access

Artificial Eye

Digital Audio Broadcasting


Distributed Computing

Night Vision Technology

Ultrasonic Motor

Color Scheme Authentication

Multilingual Search Engines

On line vehicle tracking by using GPS and GPRS

Online Product Recommendation



Nvidia 3D vision

Bluetooth Technology

Electronic Waste Management

Wireless Solar Mobile Charger

Light Sensing Robot

3D Holographic Projection Technology

Autonomous Cleaning Robot

Flexible Organic LED

Tsunami Warning system

Optical Satellite Communications