We have developed the portal of “Online crime reporting system”, the portal can handle data of criminals who are under the judicial surveillance or are under trial. This portal will be most useful for DEFENCE for searching of details of the criminals; any one can report a FIR online, Missing citizen search, secure registration and profile management facilities for detectives and security agencies, Facilitate communication between all stakeholders – Discussion forum/chat/mail/polls.


Online crime reporting

Modules in Crime Reporting

Password Module

In this module, user enters a password and the portal checks its validity. If the password is valid then he is allowed to enter, otherwise “Invalid User/Password” message is displayed. This is only to avoid the unauthorized access of the entered records by any unauthorized one.


In Search section, authorized detectives and Defense Officials will search for matching records of criminals, FIR details, missing people etc.

Fir Forms

In Citizens sections, user can enter the details of FIR (FIRST INVESTIGATION REPORT) through the help of portal. The portal has forms that will ask details of victim(s), crime id/name/location/address/city/country/contact person/contact number/ contact email_id. Once after entering the details the data will be saved by clicking save button and the details will be stored in the FIR database. Each FIR will be given a unique ID.

Contact of Concerned Authority

Contact details of the area official who is solving the case.


Case study and progress of the case entered by the FIR can be found in this section. All the progress reports and special remarks can be entered in the database by Administrator(s).


Detailed information of the crime can be entered and retrieved by administrator(s) only because of the security point of view.


Secure registration and profile management facilities are available for detectives and security agencies.

Validation of Data entered by the User and Error Handling

In this module, the validity of data entered by the user during the various processes is checked through various validation checks. For example, there shouldn’t be any characters entered in the numeric fields, likewise if there is any error occurs that it should handle that particular error and give the appropriate messages.

Existing System

We are very much familiar with the existing system of the crime reporting. A victim has to visit to its nearest police station and has to register/lodge his/her FIR. Many a times it happens that the authorities refused the victim to lodge his/her FIR. In such cases the victim has to directly visit to the court and after that the court order the authority to lodge the FIR and then the rest of the process continues. This is a quite critical process by which the victim has to undergo for lodging his/her FIR.

At times, the criminal parties gave the bribe to the police officers for not to lodge the FIR. As a result, the victim was not being able to lodge his/her FIR and he/she has to visit the court. It is also possible that when the victim is going to police station the criminal party attacks on him/her. In this case, the victim was not be able to visit the police station and may be killed by the criminal party.

The existing system is fully manual and use paper i.e. a lot of paper work has to be done by the authority as well as by the victim. Now a day, when computer is used everywhere then why not in the police stations. To make our police stations computerized the existing system doesn’t help any more.

On the other hand, maintaining the paper based records and duplicating them when required is again a critical process. Suppose, if a police officer asked a separate file of any criminal record/file it may take few hours or day depending on the size of the record. If the same case arises with the computerized system, then it will take only few seconds for duplicating the records/files. We can also take the hardcopy of these records.
Apart from it, protecting the files of important records against the reach of criminal parties/ pesticides/ rodents etc. is again a critical task. So, we can say that the physical safety of the files/records is a critical process. We have to spend a lot of money for the physical safety of the important files/records.

In this way we can say that there are various challenges in front of us for manually maintaining the records instead of the modern computer systems.

New System Need

As we have discussed in the earlier section of report, that we have to face many problems in the existing system which is manual as well. To overcome from these types of problems we need to change our system. Our very first objective for designing this system is to computerized the existing manual system. This will not only speed up the process of the lodging FIRs, searching criminal records, matching the criminal records, sending the files of critical case to the Judicial authorities in a very secured way and also within a second of time but also reduce the paper work.

There are also some other reasons behind the need of the new system. Another reason behind it is that, sometimes due to pressure of higher authorities the police authorities do not lodge the FIR of some case. And we know that if someone has lodged his/her FIR, then nobody can stop the rest of the process which will undergo. That’s why it is necessary to lodge the FIR at any how.

Another reason is to make the victim free for lodging his/her FIR from anywhere in the world online. This portal provides the facility of lodging the FIR from anywhere. It does not require any paper work. This will generate a unique FIR ID number and send a copy of it to the victim’s email-id and another copy to the police station.

In the modern scenario, when peoples are using the computer systems and the computer networking technology, we think that it will work better in comparison to the existing manual paper based system. This portal does not charge any kind of fee from its users i.e. it is absolutely free service to make our country safer and a better home for tomorrow.

Proposed System

The portal has the following few sections, which are discussed below:


• An Administrator is provided through which handles the site, Databases and allow detectives, citizens and Defense Officials. A FIR form is provided through which citizens can enter details of the crime reported. This data once entered can be edited/deleted as required when there will be vast entries of data administrator can scroll the data.

• There are sections provided for Defense Officials, Detectives and citizens.


In Citizens sections, user can enter the details of FIR (FIRST INVESTIGATION REPORT) through the help of portal. The portal has forms that will ask details of victim(s), crime id /name /location/ address /city /country /contact person /contact number /contact, Email-Id. Once after entering the details the data will be saved by clicking save button and the details will be stored in the FIR database. Each FIR will be given a unique ID.


In ADMINISTRATOR(S) section, various data is available for searching details of criminals, FIRs, judicial results, case hearings and other. Administrator can update databases for the required fields.


Crime Reporting forms, progress tracking, proof attachments.


In Search section, authorized detectives and Defense Officials will search for matching records of criminals, FIR details, missing people etc.

Alert Service

An alert is been send to citizen regarding the FIR ID and an alert is been send to a concerned person of the area regarding the CRIME.

Benefits of new System

In order to quantify the benefits of your crime reporting portal, you first have to know what to look for. CRIME REPORTING can help you in different ways.

Here are some of the areas to look for benefits in implementing a portal:

Paper Reduction

“CRIME REPORTING” can reduce the cost associated with creating and distributing paper requirements and resumes. Cost savings result from:
• Direct savings from reduced paper, printing, and distribution costs
• Indirect savings from time spent handling paper documents

Paperwork Transfer

A big expense with a manually maintaining records and requirement system is that of transferring of records from one person to another. For example, the file works is no not been done by hands but is done online. Reducing the communication expenses

Improved Data Quality

Manual records must be then entered into a computer in order to be processed for further process or may be maintained into database for future requirement. Whenever data is keyed into a computer from a hand-written document, errors will be made. These errors can cost you in many direct and indirect ways:
• Incorrect selection may take place. When wrong justification is done due to manual errors and adjustment is costly for system.
• Without accurate information, you lose the ability to perform useful decision support. You should have accurate information about the background of the case as well as the crime, departments worked in, areas the organization is working in etc. for your decision support.


The work of judicial system is not transparent these days. This is an initiative to make the progress transparent.

Fewer Inquiries to the CRIME REPORTING

A good automated CRIME REPORTING will provide useful information to the citizens, Detectives and Defense officials online that they traditionally request from the store departments. By making this information available online, your STORE departments will spend less time answering questions from citizens and officials. A good system will be able to track the following information for:

Functionalities of the project

Crime reporting forms, progress tracking, proof attachments.
• On form submission an e mail goes to regional police officer in case if it’s serious category crime where quick attention is required.
• Facilitate crime and criminals search – region, crime-type, gender, age group wise etc.
• Missing citizen or valuables reporting and search
• Secure registration and profile management facilities for detectives and security agencies
• Facilitate communication between all stakeholders – Discussion forum/chat/mail/polls
• Help book & time-to-time instructions to users through mail

Users of the system

Citizens: interact with the portal. They fed in data for logging FIR.
• Indirect Users benefits form the results or reports produced by these systems but do not directly interact with the hardware or software. These users may be managers of business functions using the system.
• End-Users are not alike. Some are intermittent users. The end-user can also be a competitor, not a part of the system.
User manages have management responsibilities for application systems.

• Senior Manager Users are fourth types of users and is talking increased responsibility for the development of information systems.

System Design (Snapshots)


Admin login page Admin related options menu crime reporting login page Criminal list using search Discussion Forum File FIR Report FIR List page Home page crime report Missing person List Online crime reporting system Polls page Registered Users page registration Successful Sign up page


Hardware Requirement

Processor : PC with a Pentium II-class processor, 450 MHz
Recommended : Pentium III-class, 600MHz1
RAM : Windows 2000 Professional — 96 MB
: Windows 2000 Server — 192 MB
: Windows XP Home — 96 MB
: Windows XP Professional & Windows Server 2003 — 192 MB

Recommended : 128 MB for 2000 Professional
: 256 MB for 2000 Server
:160 MB for XP Home
: 256 MB for XP Professional & Windows Server 2003
Hard Disk Space : 900 MB on system drive, 4.1 GB installation drive

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 or higher
  • WINDOWS 2003/ 2008 SERVER
  • SQL SERVER 2005
  • IIS SERVER 6.0 or higher
  • INTERNET EXPLORER 6.0 or Higher


We have studied both types of the systems: The manual Crime Reporting System and the computerized (online) Crime reporting system. Both the systems have their own advantages and the disadvantages. If we discuss about the manual Crime Reporting System then we will find both advantages and the disadvantages.

From the advantage point of view, we know that the facilities of this system can be easily used by anyone who is victim(s). One more important thing is that in any case of emergency the police authority can take an immediate action towards it. If the victim is not literate then also he/she can use this system.

As we know that the paper work is considered as more reliable in comparison to the electronic documents. After the IT ACT2000, the electronic documents are treated as legal documents. But still many government organizations are using paper for maintaining the records and other kind of important works.

From the disadvantage point of view, we finds that many a times it happens that some corrupt police officers refused to report the FIR of the victims because they have taken some bribe from the criminal parties. Moreover, it will also increase the cost of judicial documentation and it takes more time in comparison to the computer system.

If discuss about the Computerized (Online) Crime Reporting System, then we find that it also have certain advantages and disadvantages. If we discuss about its benefits then we find that it will really reduce the paperwork and as well as the cost of judicial documentation.
After studying both the systems deeply, we concluded that the newly developed system is more convenient to use and the victim need to pay any kind of registration fee resulting in reduction in cost of documentation. Not only this it will also reduced the cost of transportation of the paper made files from one place to another because its entire database is maintained online and any registered user can view the record/reports/FIRs/details of the missing persons/Most wanted persons etc.

This system makes the victim free from visiting the police station for reporting the Police station.
The important thing about this system is that it is recommended it cannot be used in case of emergency.


Download Project

Download Project