The main aim of the project is to build a Mobile Banking System.


We do transaction in banks through manually. It is the time consuming process and also we can’t do all this process when we are in distant places. At that time this mobile banking system is so useful to us.

In this project we do the bank transactions through mobile using Blue tooth wire less based technology. In this system we are imposed of DTMF (dual tone multiple frequency), we use two frequencies for row and columns of the key pad. When we press any key the corresponding row and column frequencies are transmitted simultaneously and discriminated and decoded at the receiving end. We define particular operation for each key on the key pad (e.g. 1 for credit and 5 for debit like that). When we press that particular key we do transactions like crediting or debiting etc. the numeric table is shown below.

Mobile Banking System numeric table

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol utilizing short-range communications technology facilitating data transmission over short distances from fixed and/or mobile devices, creating wireless personal area networks (LANs). Bluetooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as mobile phones, telephones, laptops, personal computers, printers, GPS receivers, and video game consoles over a secure, globally unlicensed Industrial, Scientific, and short-range radio frequency bandwidth.


  • Keil C
  • Orcad/Express PCB.


  • Micro controller.
  • Key pad
  • Lcd module
  • Power supply.

Mobile Banking System block Diagram

Mobile Banking System block diagram

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Mobile Banking System Abstract