General FAQ 

How to use java, PHP, .net projects?

You can download projects and project ideas from our site. If you have selected project idea you can find relevant code or project reports from other sites.

I have project which I want to share. How I can share?

You can use our about us page  for email id which you can use to send your projects to us. We will verify projects and upload project to our website. We will notify you as well when your project is published to our website.

How to Run Java Projects on my machine?

You can run java projects using Eclipse, Netbeans or any other java IDE. You need to install SQL database as well based on your choice as this will be used by project to fetch data.

How to Run Visual Basic Projects on my machine?

You need to install visual basic on your machine to run visual basic projects. Again you can use oracle database or Microsoft access database to store data.

How to Run PHP project on my machine?

You can use WAMP server to run projects developed using PHP. Please use this link  to download WAMP server from official website.