With the ever increasing number of educational institutions like colleges and schools, maintaining the student’s database has not only become immensely essential but also cumbersome when it comes to keeping it updated and maintained. At the same time, a college management system must be user friendly as well as should be adaptable to any kind of modifications that might come into picture. Requirements may range from simplest of record keeping to high end well networked databases, depending on the requirement of the client and the scale of data expected of being handled by the college management system.

College Management System Project 

In spite of substantial amount of automation already implemented in this system, the quality of input into system is solely dependent on the managing personnel. But considering the large spectrum of data being handled by college management system like Inventory management, student record keeping, various records with regard to transactions undertaken at an organisational level etc. College management system proves to be asset.

College Management System Project Overview

 The basic structure of the management system would include a login page which would vary depending on the targeted user like whether the end user is an admin or a student or managing personnel. For more specific applications, the college management system can be streamlined with different heads. For instance, if it is used for inventory management it would include attributes like name of merchandise /supplies, number of units required, name of supplier among other keys. Another instance of the college management system could be inclusion of student database which would include attributes such as Name, Registration number, Dues etc.

College management system provides versatility to the organisation catering to its various needs. Role of admin or the managing personnel would include timely updation of the data and making it available to the end user. Key aspects of the system such as reliability of the data being fed, maintenance etc. is the responsibility of the admin.

College management system, when networked within the organisation proves to be even more beneficial as it promotes better co-ordination among various departments as well as reduce the overall cost and other resources being invested into it ensuring greater productivity and better efficiency. Certain additional features like implementation of reading RFID tags could be seamlessly integrated with the system in order to keep track of working staff attendance, number of working hours of each of the staff member etc. These additional features prove to be beneficial in the long run as well as for short term monitoring of the overall working of the educational institutes.

Software Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows Vista/7.
  • Front End : Microsoft Visual Studio, VB
  • Back End : SQL Server 2000.

 Hardware Requirements

  • Main Memory : 128MB.
  • Micro Processor : Pentium –IV or Higher Version.
  • Hard Disk Drive :500 GB.
  • Cache Memory : 512KB.