Requirements definition and management is recognized as a necessary step in the delivery of successful system s and software projects, discipline is also required by standards, regulations, and quality improvement initiatives.  Creating and managing requirements is a challenge of IT, systems and product development projects or indeed for any activity where you have to manage a contractual relationship.  Organization need to effectively define and manage requirements to ensure they are meeting needs of the customer, while proving compliance and staying on the schedule and within budge.  The impact of a poorly expressed requirement can bring a business out of compliance or even cause injury or death.  Requirements definition and management is an activity that can deliver a high, fast return on investment.

The “BANK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” undertaken as a project is based on relevant technologies.  The main aim of this project is to develop software for bank management system.  This project is to develop software for bank management system.  This project has been developed to carry out the processes easily and quickly, which is not possible with the manuals systems, which are overcome by this software. This project is developed using VB language and.  Hence it provides the complete solution for the current management system.

Requirement Analysis

Requirements are prone to issues of ambiguity, incompleteness, and inconsistency. Techniques such as rigorous inspection have been shown to help deal with these issues. Ambiguities, incompleteness, and inconsistencies that can be resolved in the requirements phase typically cost orders of magnitude less to correct than when these same issues are found in later stages of product development. Requirements analysis strives to address these issues.

  • Take a long time to produce
  • Begin to limit the implementation option available
  • Are costly to produce

Requirements for both the system and the software are documented and reviewed with the customer.


This diagram, represents a banking process, which maintains customers accounts. In this example, customers can withdraw or deposit cash, request information about their account or update their account details.

Project report on Banking System

Modular Description

  • Open new account
  • Close an account
  • Modify an account
  • Display an account
  • Display all records
  • Withdraw amount
  • Deposit amount
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Exit

Module 1– Open an account

A module new account is literally the form for the customer to open a new account. A new account is opened with the following details of the customer, with the default account number

  • Name
  • Address
  • Initial deposit amount

Module 2 – Deposit:

Deposition should be done each time the customer deposits a particular amount for an account. Deposition is done in the account after the following details.

  • Account number
  • Amount to deposit

Module 3 – withdrawal

Using this withdrawal module the user can withdraw a particular amount for an account. Withdrawal can be done after getting the following details:

  • Account number
  • Amount to be withdraw

Module 4 – view detail of an account: Using this module the user can withdraw a particular amount details. It can be done after getting the following details:

  • Account number
  • Withdraw amount
  • View account details

Module 5-Modify an account:

This module is used to modify the account that we want this done after receiving the account number. Then the corresponding name and address are modified.

Module 6-Foreign Exchange:

This module is used to convert the customer needed amount into their needed foreign conversion.



Module 7-Display all records:

This module is used to display all the records present in the corresponding file.

Bank Management System Data Flow Diagram


Level 1

Banking System

Level 2

Banking management system

Level 3

Bank System Project report


When looking for solid accounting software, you want to find a solution that gives you the best value for your investment.  Naturally, you first the software that meets your needs, both now and in the future.  Engineering is based on designing different projects.  Nowadays, “most products and system are becoming more complex in nature, and there is an increasing demand relative to new technology application at a time when our natural resources are dwindling” now that’s where engineering and engineers are not only useful for the technologies and machinery in the business world, but it is also constructive in different components of business such as management, financing, employment, and marketing.

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