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Title: 4G with wifi
Page Link: 4G with wifi -
Posted By: mady987
Created at: Thursday 25th of March 2010 02:14:42 PM
moi university wifi registration, ebook with wifi, wifi modem projects, seminar presentation for wifi, wimax vs wifi, wifi based project, wifi box,
using mobile ....etc

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Title: projects on wifi
Page Link: projects on wifi -
Posted By: project topics
Created at: Tuesday 05th of April 2011 02:22:07 AM
wifi modem projects,

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Title: wifi seminar report
Page Link: wifi seminar report -
Posted By: electronics seminars
Created at: Saturday 16th of January 2010 11:03:23 PM
ebook with wifi, certified, usb3 0 adapter, wifi antenna, wifi advantages and disadvantages with full report, seminar presentation for wifi, multifunction adapters,

Wi-Fi, which stands for Wireless Fidelity, is a radio technology that networks computers so they connect to each other and to the Internet without wires .Users can share documents and projects, as well as an Internet connection among various computer stations, and easily connect to a broadband Internet connection while traveling. By using a Wi-Fi network, individuals can network desktop computers, laptops and PDAs and share networked peripherals like servers and printers.

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Title: Bluetooth and WiFi Security presentation
Page Link: Bluetooth and WiFi Security presentation -
Posted By: seminar presentation
Created at: Saturday 22nd of May 2010 06:43:30 AM
wifi hotspots equipment, bluetooth security ppt download, wifi advantages and disadvantages with full report, wifi box, how to hake wifi hindi, wifi catcher, bluetooth network security pdf seminar report,

Bluetooth and WiFi Security
Presented By:
Roll No 870090
MCA 4th Semester


Bluetooth, or IEEE 802.15, specifications are developed by the Bluetooth SIG,originally established by Ericsson,Toshiba,Motorola,Intel,IBM and Nokia.The latest version is Bluetooth 2.0 with data transfer rate 3Mbps
WiFi is controlled by the WiFi alliance, an industry forum. Its specifications form IEEE 802.11 standards.WiFi comes in various flavors like 802.11a,b,g etc
Both Bluetooth and WiFi ar ....etc

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Title: 3G vs WiFi
Page Link: 3G vs WiFi -
Posted By: saroj patil
Created at: Saturday 17th of April 2010 03:03:29 AM
wifi antenna, moi university wifi registration, wifi modem projects, 3g vs wifi slides for technical seminar, wifi vs 4g, wifi catcher, wifi hack pdf hindi,
I want detail report on 3g vs wifi please do send fast ....etc

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Title: wifi based digital notice board with display on scrolling led display using a microcontroller
Page Link: wifi based digital notice board with display on scrolling led display using a microcontroller -
Posted By: Guest
Created at: Friday 29th of March 2013 01:13:56 AM
iwall an intelligent public display ppt slides, digital multimode timer with led display application, digital display advantages seminar doc, display led sequencer, temperature display project, scrolling message display led using microcontroller, gsm based advertising display system using ledpanel advantages,
dear sir

I want to do mini project on wifi based digital notice board with display on scrolling led display
please provide me full ppt and related circuit diagrams and block diagrams

Thanking you,


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Title: 3G vs WiFi
Page Link: 3G vs WiFi -
Posted By: computer science crazy
Created at: Sunday 21st of September 2008 11:57:58 PM
what is vo wifi, wifi registration cusat, moi university wifi registration, wifi security protocols, seminar on wifi technology, wimax vs wifi, wifi hack pdf hindi,
The two most important phenomena impacting telecommunications over the past decade have been explosive parallel growth of both the internet and mobile telephone services. The internet brought the benefits of data communications to the masses with email, the web, and ecommerce; while mobile service has enabled follow-me anywhere/always on telephony. The internet helped accelerate the trend from voice-centric to data-centric networking. Data already exceeds voice traffic and the data share continues to grow. Now these two worlds are converging. ....etc

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Title: wifi report
Page Link: wifi report -
Posted By: abinjoshi
Created at: Saturday 16th of January 2010 10:21:00 AM
swindon wifi project, wifi antenna, wifi catcher, wifi based project, moi university wifi, seminar presentation on wifi technology, wifi advantages and disadvantages with full report,
i would like to have a seminars report about WiFi can any one gv me d link...i have to submit by moinday.... ....etc

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Title: Wifi Based Menu Ordering
Page Link: Wifi Based Menu Ordering -
Posted By: seminar class
Created at: Tuesday 26th of April 2011 05:44:13 AM
electronic projects menu, wifi based project, what is pda, cfbc boiler opreating menu, zigbee touchscreen wireless hotel menu ordering, e menu ordering using zigbee ppt, project report on digital menu,

The restaurants have to compete with each other to attract customers. Usually restaurants which provide good food and services will gain a lot of customers.
Restaurant menu and ordering system is a software package to facilitate ordering with traditional restaurant.
In today’s time, menu ordering
in the restaurants are done normally
by calling the waiter asking for the
menu book and letting him to write
down the food items to be ordered
by the customers,
PRO ....etc

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Title: 3g vs wifi
Page Link: 3g vs wifi -
Posted By: daya
Created at: Sunday 14th of February 2010 10:08:47 AM
wifi modem projects, wifi antenna, moi university wifi registration, seminar on wifi technology, wifi hack pdf hindi, wifi frequencies, moi university wifi,
sir plz send me the details 3g v/s wifi seminars topic ....etc

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