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Generation of electricity from speed breakers

Posted by: manjuheart
Created at: Tuesday 16th of March 2010 09:48:13 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 30th of January 2012 10:26:29 PM
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Generation of electricity from speed breakers
I wanted full details about the above mentioned topic
Working mechanism
What type of generators are used
how is the power draw..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Invisible Tool Kit or Stenography

Posted by: computer science technology
Created at: Friday 29th of January 2010 08:04:46 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 29th of January 2010 08:04:46 PM
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files. For example, the sender might start with an ordinary-looking image file, then adjust the color of every 100th pixel to correspond to a letter in the alphabet”a change so subtle that someone who isn't actively looking for it is unlikely to notice it.
Te..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Electrical Power Generation system using Railway track

Posted by: 33yashrox
Created at: Thursday 28th of January 2010 11:14:30 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 08th of February 2014 11:28:46 PM
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hi ,
can u provide me with the information regarding
power genera..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

bioinformatics projects

Posted by: computer science technology
Created at: Thursday 28th of January 2010 07:05:06 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 04th of February 2012 03:03:24 AM
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b) Molecular Modeling And Docking Study Of Ache Inhibitor “ Helicid Derivative
c) Molecular Docking Study Of Styrylquinoline With HIV-Integrase
d) High Throughput Virtual Screening Using CDK-2
e) Molecular Docking Study Of 1H-Pyrazole Derivative With COX-2
f) High Throughput Screening Of Anticancer Targets Using Hsp90
g) Molecular Docking Study Of Naphthyl Benzisoxazole Derivative With Estrogen Receptor-Beta
h) Molecular Docking Study Of Anticancer Drugs With HDAC
i) Molecular Docking Study Of Thiourea Derivative With Neuraminidase
j) Medicnal Plant Database
k)..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

power generation using speed breaker

Posted by: rahul17
Created at: Saturday 19th of December 2009 12:14:44 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 15th of January 2013 01:03:02 AM
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power generation usin..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

cloud computing

Posted by: xtianaice
Created at: Wednesday 16th of December 2009 10:35:39 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 18th of December 2009 09:38:14 AM
computing , vlsi project internship, vlsi project information , vlsi project india, vlsi project in delhi , vlsi project institutes in bangalore, vlsi project institutes in hyderabad , vlsi project hyderabad, vlsi project list , vlsi project guidance pune, vlsi project guidance ahmedabad , vlsi project idea, vlsi project for m tech , vlsi project fpga, vlsi project for engineering , vlsi project free download, cloud , seminar project on cloud computing,
how can i carry out a project ..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: ruksu88
Created at: Friday 27th of November 2009 07:22:39 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 27th of November 2009 07:45:10 AM
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please give more details about the topic webho..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Multi Level Car Parking System a presentation

Posted by: mechanical wiki
Created at: Tuesday 08th of September 2009 12:40:59 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Sunday 22nd of June 2014 07:28:21 AM
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sensors are connected to the p1.0, p1.1, p1.2, p1.3. These four sensors are related to the first floor sensor. Second floor sensors are p1.4, p1.5, p1.6, p1.7. First floor stoppage sensor is p3.2 and second floor stoppage sensor is p3.3. Start switch of this project is p3.0. On this start switch either we connect a start switch or we connect an infra red sensor. In the case of infra red sensor, when the car enters the parking position, the lift senses automatically and starts.
Motor of the lift is connected to the p2.0 and p2.1. Output of these pins is connected to the opto coupler circuit. H..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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