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solar powered automatic fire fighting robot

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Device Control Through PC

Posted by: project topics
Created at: Sunday 17th of April 2011 10:59:38 PM
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he printer port of any PC for controlling up to eight equipment. Parallel port is a simple and inexpensive tool for building computer controlled devices and projects. The simplicity and ease of..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar class
Created at: Sunday 17th of April 2011 10:48:14 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Sunday 29th of January 2012 09:53:16 PM
fire fighting robot , fire fighting robot seminar, wireless image communication for fire fighting robots , video mobile robot fire, fire fighting topics , symbrian related to robots with ppt, fire extinguishing mobile robots , relay for fire fighting robot, fire fighting robot using relay ,
rating System(GPRS enabled)
 Symbian emulator
 Symbian Bluetooth
 Wireless Tool Kit 2.5.2
 Embedded C
PC Requirements:
 PIII Processor
 40GB HDD
 256MB RAM

The server PC is designed to monitor the place by viewing the video being streamed from the mobile. The server has the privilege to move the robot remotely i.e. left, right, front and back to have fire in focus. The relay could also be controlled by turning it on/off.
At the client end, the symbian c++ is responsible for the communicatio..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Firefighting Robot

Posted by: seminar class
Created at: Thursday 07th of April 2011 03:47:54 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 19th of April 2011 01:32:42 AM
fire fighting robot document files, models of fire fighting robots project , fire resistant robot, operation 0f stepper motors in fire fighting robot , stepper motore driver with tip112, fire fighting robot circuit , material requrid and construction details for fire fighting robots,
s also required that the control of this robot be streamlined to allow any person to use it regardless of their occupation.
Ultimately the goal of this project is to integrate all of the advantages of robots with all of the advantages of having a human being on scene. Humans can react faster to changing scenarios than can robots, however robots are capable of maneuvering where humans cant, are able to lift heavier objects, are able to maneuver better in limited visibility and can withstand much higher levels of heat. A robot such as this could be used in scenarios varying from a house fir..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

embedded projects list for students

Posted by: project topics
Created at: Friday 07th of January 2011 05:23:22 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 19th of May 2011 11:56:03 AM
railways accident avoiding system using vibration sensor, level crossing for railways using neural network , ultrasonic based blind man path guidance control using interactive voice respons system ivrs, sms based bomb detecting robot , rfid based train identification detection unmanned railway crossing system, pneumatic auto feed sheet cutting machine , applications fire accident avoidance in trains by using gsm, hydro pneumatic system , printing press management system, seminar report on automatic plant irrigation system , solar train project report, automatic pneumatic printing press report , fire fighting robotic vehicle, micro 85eb ,
39. SMS controlled automatic pneumatic ramming machine
41. SMS based automatic vehicle accident information system
42. Auto head-lamp Alignment system for automobile
43. SMS based automatic drilling machine
44. Automatic Hydro-pneumatic Lubrication system
45. Automatic Humidification system
46. Blue tooth Enabled Wireless Network Synchronization

48. C To C Communication – Micro controller To Micro controller Communication System With
50. AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC PHASE CHANGE O..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Robotic System for Fire Fighting in Tunnels

Posted by: project report helper
Created at: Tuesday 26th of October 2010 12:48:37 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 26th of October 2010 12:48:37 AM
Robotic System for Fire Fighting in Tunnels, Tunnels , Fighting, Fire , System, Robotic , tunnels electronics instrumentation, pdf forfire fighting robot in tunnels , abstract on robot system for fire fighting in tunnels, robot system for fire fighting in tunnels project pdf ,
. Moreover, it may guarantee a
rapid and selective intervention in case of accidents in both
road and railways tunnels. The main features of the system are
illustrated and some details about the mech..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

fire fighting robot

Posted by: seminar presentation
Created at: Friday 28th of May 2010 09:33:32 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 28th of May 2010 09:33:32 AM
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In this project is to make a robot which can fight fire at its own as wel..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: project topics
Created at: Saturday 10th of April 2010 01:12:26 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 02nd of November 2012 01:57:22 AM
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This device can be used in conjunction with an infrared photoelectric chamber to sense scattered

light from smoke particles.

Interconnect up to 50 detectors.
Piezoelectric horn driver.
Power-on reset.
Built-in circuits to reduce false triggering.
6V to 12V operating voltage range.
ESD-Protection circuitry on all pins.
Temporal horn pattern.




DIREC..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

robotics based projects

Posted by: electronics seminars
Created at: Friday 15th of January 2010 12:19:41 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 26th of November 2012 12:58:26 AM
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bb. FIRE CONTROLLER ROBOT USING WATER..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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