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Title: Good Seminars
Page Link: Good Seminars -
Posted By: computer science crazy
Created at: Saturday 20th of September 2008 10:22:48 AM
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Outline of a typical presentationThe first slide has the title, the date of the paper and/or the talk, and your affiliation. If you have a co-author, this is the time to make that clear.
Try to provide a perspective (a puzzle, an empirical regularity, an historical example, a casual observation, a curious gap in the literature, etc.) that you can use as a hook to get your audience's attention.

Give an outline of the presentation.It's not necessary to read from the slide each of the steps of your talk (e.g., literature review, model, dat ....etc

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Title: Basic Idea for Financial Structure - Seminars
Page Link: Basic Idea for Financial Structure - Seminars -
Posted By: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Saturday 28th of February 2009 10:58:10 PM
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Basic Idea for Financial Structure - Seminars

The right side of a firm's balance sheet, detailing how its assets are financed, including debt and equity issues.

Introduction to Budgeting

Learn how to get your financial house in order. Here we describe the overall approach we recommend: choose a system, calculate your current income and expenses and compare the two, set specific goals and monitor your progress as you work toward them.


Have extra money lying around? This article tell ....etc

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Title: want biomedical seminars
Page Link: want biomedical seminars -
Posted By: amr1945
Created at: Thursday 11th of March 2010 05:06:15 AM
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help me plzz with biomedical instrumentation
good one ....etc

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Title: training seminars
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Posted By: electronics seminars
Created at: Friday 13th of November 2009 05:08:33 AM
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Title: SMPS Seminars
Page Link: SMPS Seminars -
Posted By: danielhiatt
Created at: Wednesday 18th of August 2010 02:05:03 PM
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I am a BSEE with extensive (>25 years) industry experience in power supply project and program management but without specific design experience in switch mode power supplies (SMPS). I now need to qualitatively gain a better understanding of the various SMPS topologies. The is the correct level of information I am looking for. Is a similar seminars available to be attened in the USA (preferably West Coast) and if yes, what is the schedule and cost.
Dan Hiatt ....etc

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Title: tempest and echelon want some seminars
Page Link: tempest and echelon want some seminars -
Posted By: pavan509
Created at: Saturday 02nd of January 2010 10:02:58 AM
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sir please provide me the following seminars

tempest and echelon,
software as a service,
linux virtual server,
universal mobile telecommunication service ....etc

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Title: How to take seminars effectively
Page Link: How to take seminars effectively -
Posted By: computer science crazy
Created at: Saturday 20th of September 2008 10:17:19 AM
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Scientific Method

1) Please communicate clearly with your audience in this area - your presentation should demonstrate that you have evaluated the scientific merits or faults (as discussed in this course) of the research you are presenting, at least for Round 1 (where you present on a scientific paper)
2) For Round 2, please present the results of your project (either the 3 or 9 credit honors project or guided readings) in a way that makes it clear you have developed one or more hypotheses, deduced predictions from it/them, and tested it/th ....etc

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Title: vlsi technology based seminars
Page Link: vlsi technology based seminars -
Posted By: [email protected]
Created at: Monday 20th of September 2010 11:36:57 PM
application of vlsi technology pdf, faagov safety seminars, lacans seminars, buffettology seminars, seminars on advancefuture technology, lacme seminars**dh in marathi pdf, cryptography seminars,
hi i needed more vlsi technology based seminars with pdf and ppt.......please sendasa soon as possible........tnqqqqqqqqq ....etc

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Title: details about seminars
Page Link: details about seminars -
Posted By: nipun
Created at: Friday 30th of October 2009 12:35:17 PM
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Title: biotechnology seminars topics a big list
Page Link: biotechnology seminars topics a big list -
Posted By: computer science crazy
Created at: Saturday 14th of November 2009 09:10:09 AM
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1. Diabetics
2. Gene therapy
3. Anti matter
4. Nano Technology
5. ECG
6. Neuro Biology
7. Anti oxidents
8. Asparin
9. lazers
10. Organ transplantation
11. Pinch technology
12. DNA repair
13. Bio medical instrumentation
14. Blotting technoques
15. Global warming
16. Lung cancer
17. Human cloning
18. DNA repair
19. Fermentation of wine
20. Research performed by suneetha William
21. Hepatitis - B
22. Nuclear power
23. Einstein theory and relativity
24. Liver cancer
25. Cloning of animals
26. DNA finger printing
27. Gene t ....etc

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