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recent seminar topics in organic chemistry

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seminar topics in organic chemistry

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Created at: Thursday 18th of October 2012 04:55:02 AM
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topics related to o..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Web Services

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Friday 23rd of October 2009 05:20:58 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 09th of February 2010 04:39:43 AM
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s the web. Web services perform functions, which can be anything from simple requests to complicated business processes. We shall present the Motivation for Web services, Web services architecture: XML, SOAP, and WS-Addressing, Discovery, Current Challenges, Future Vision..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

new seminar topic updates

Posted by: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Monday 27th of April 2009 12:55:10 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 07th of December 2012 12:34:07 PM
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COMPUTER CLOTH..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Friday 30th of January 2009 01:14:23 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 30th of January 2009 01:14:23 PM
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ervices. New wireless standards support high data rates and additional services, but they require complex realizations in both front-end and base band of a mobile system. The obtainable performance of such a system is often limited by the power consumption of the implementation, as long stand-by and talk times are still key parameters of a mobile terminal. Also the thermal problem, given by insufficient heat removal with highly integrated high-performance circuits in narrow-spaced terminals, calls for optimizations concerning power consumption.

Meanwhile, integrated-circuit densities and op..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Friday 30th of January 2009 12:57:31 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 11th of November 2013 02:23:32 AM
FUTURE, INDUSTRYS , CHEMICAL, FUELING , TECHNOLOGY, NANO , nanotechnology in chemical industry pdf, seminar topics in chemistry , nanotechnology fueling the chemical industry s future, nanotechnology fueling the chemical industry s future pdf , nano technology, nanotechnology in chemical industries ppt pdf , application of nano technology to chemicals industry, nanotechnology fuelling the chemical industry , nanotechnology fuelling the chemical industry s future, nano technology fueling the chemical industry s future 1 , nano technology fueling the chemical industry ppt, chemistry seminar topics , nanotechnology fueling the chemical industrys future documentation pdf, recent seminar topics in nano chemistry ,
engineering disciplines, with widespread applications in electronics, chemical industry advanced materials, medicine, IT. Greek prefix nano (dwarf) refers to dimensions which are one hundredth smaller than current components in micrometer range. Figuratively a nano element compares to a football like to football to the size of earth. Nanotechnology is the ability to synthesis, manipulate and characterize matter at the sub 100 nm level. The applications of Nanotechnology are tremendous. This seminars highlights the commercial applications of Nanotechnology in the chemical Industry, includes pr..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Friday 30th of January 2009 12:55:46 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 02nd of February 2013 07:45:13 AM
TECHNOLOGIES , CONTROL, POLLUTION , MODERN, pollution control seminar topics , modern air pollution control technologies, pollution control topic for ppt , seminar on pollution control, general ideas in air pollution control pdf , air pollution doc, modern technologies to control air pollution ppt , how can we control air pollution seminar, recent seminar topics , modern airpollution control technologies, modern air pollution control technologies pdf , air pollution, modern air pollution control technologies abstract , modern pollution control technology, 9632 modern air pollution control technologies ppt download , ppt on modern air pollution control technologies, current topics in pollution control ,
nts of pollen and spores to our atmosphere. These natural pollutants can be problematic at times, but generally are not as much of a problem as are human-generated pollutants or anthropogenic sources. The important fact we have to remember is that ?there will always be pollution?. Since it is the sum total of those effects we have on our environment that have an adverse effect, and so, as with all environmental problems, the task is to learn more and to work to diminish the effects. Air pollution is a result of our kicking up the lithosphere too fast and furiously for the ecosphere to handle i..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Coronary Heart Disease

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Monday 22nd of September 2008 03:34:06 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 16th of June 2011 02:09:45 PM
Disease , Heart, Coronary , coronary artery disease seminar, nursing seminars on coronary artery disease , recent seminar topics on heart diseases, seminar topic on atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases , heart disease,
artery disease (CAD) and atherosclerotic heart disease, is the end result of the accumulation of atheromatous plaques within the walls of the arteries that supply the myocardium (the muscle of the heart).

While the symptoms and signs of coronary heart disease are noted in the advanced state of disease, most individuals with coronary heart disease show no evidence of disease for decades as the disease progresses before the first onset of symptoms, often a sudden heart attack, finally arise.

After decades of progression, some of these atheromatous plaques may rupture and (along with th..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

AJAX - A New Approach to Web Applications

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Sunday 21st of September 2008 11:14:51 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 14th of February 2012 01:25:10 AM
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ing with the server using JavaScript, asynchronously. AJAX, a shorthand for Asynchronous Java And XML, is a technique which uses this MLHttpRequest object of the browser features plus the Document Object Model and DHTML and provides for making highly interactive web applications in which the entire web page need not be changed by a user action, only parts of the page are loaded dynamically by exchanging information with the server. This approach has been able to enhance the interactivity and speed of the web applications to a great extent. Interactive applications such as Google Maps, Orkut, I..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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