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payroll management system employees abstract

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payroll management system project abstract

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and deductions (already assigned to the employee) for that particular month as per the requirements. After this the gross salary is calculated automatically for that month. The 12th month pay slip serves as the yearly statement of accounts and can be used as a certificate of income for the Income Tax purposes.
Pay-Slip Generation

The monthly Pay-Slips are divided into two parts; the emoluments and deductions for the current month and the same for the year to date.
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payroll management system

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intranet based office management system

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Payroll System of Employee

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Created at: Saturday 06th of February 2010 03:32:06 AM
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nage employee information efficiently, define the emoluments, deductions, leave, tax etc, generate pay-slip at the convenience of a mouse click, generate and manage the payroll processes according to the salary structure assigned to the employee,

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DOTNET Project List

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urity of Route Discovery in MANETs

7. A Flexible Privacy-Enhanced Location-Based Services System Framework and Practice

8. Network Coding-Based Protection of Many-to-One Wireless Flows

9. A Modified Model for Private Data Security Facing E-commerce

10. Coding Documents using Alternative Techniques

11. Dynamic and Auto Responsive Solution for Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Detection in ISP Network


13. The Design of a Generic Intrusion-Toler..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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