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limitations of workforce diversity

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Posted by: smart paper boy
Created at: Thursday 28th of July 2011 11:24:10 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 28th of July 2011 11:24:10 PM
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nd Innovation.
If diversity is not properly managed then it lead..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Symbian OS

Posted by: nit_cal
Created at: Friday 30th of October 2009 05:53:13 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 24th of January 2012 10:50:22 PM
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Operating system for mobiles, Symbian OS. It is widely used in mobiles. It was designed as part of a joined effort by all mobile manufacturers. A natural language interface is not limited spatially, and thus can accommodate more information in one place. Second, people like to use natural language. Third, a natural language interface for the web can support voice input more easily. When people speak, they want to use natural language. Processing the natural language for filling out forms by spotting field values and using statistical approaches for disambiguating field value meanings. More spe..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: sunanda lal
Created at: Saturday 24th of October 2009 03:49:26 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 12th of May 2011 12:38:55 AM
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hello!!! iam a final year student doing my B Tech. Electrical and Electronics. I am in need of the report for the topic Electromagnetic Brakes. Kindly help me and mail me the above..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Electro Discharge Machining

Posted by: mechanical wiki
Created at: Thursday 03rd of September 2009 12:43:10 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 03rd of September 2009 12:43:10 PM
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1. Power required for machining in E.D.M is very high compared to conventional process.
2. Reproduction of sharp corners is the limitation of the process.
3. Surface cracking takesplace in some materials..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Security System using Biometrics Download Full Seminar Report

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Thursday 09th of April 2009 02:26:04 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 02nd of February 2013 04:26:58 AM
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ver traditional methods involving passwords and PIN numbers for various reasons: the person to be identified is required to be physic..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

High-Availability Power Systems

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Tuesday 07th of April 2009 12:38:54 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 30th of August 2010 06:27:23 AM
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are there to permit concurrent maintenance so that we can overcome the above problem. Each of the system configurations described in this paper has its own advantages and disadvantages. The single module system will continue to be the simplest, least-expensive approach for applications that can comfortably schedule downtime for preventive maintenance and system alterations. The parallel-redundant system improves system availability and reliability, and simplifies maintenance of individual UPS modules. The isolated redundant configuration enables the facilities manager to add redundancy to an ..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Friday 30th of January 2009 12:44:50 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 02nd of April 2010 05:23:59 AM
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g?, and then to new ways of ?doing?. This paper deals with biomimetics with examples. This also deals with the importance of biomime..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Wednesday 28th of January 2009 02:28:22 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Wednesday 28th of January 2009 02:28:22 AM
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and development of fully functional prosthetic limbs, having superior controlling as well as functional capabilities compared with the current models. This paper discusses Air Muscles in general, their construction, and principle of operation, operational characteristics and applications.
Robotic actuators conventionally are pneumatic or hydraulic devices. They have many inherent disadvantages like low operational flexibility, high safety requirements, and high cost operational as well as constructional etc. The search for an actuator which would satisfy all these requirements ..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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