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Posted by: seminar presentation
Created at: Sunday 06th of June 2010 12:36:57 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Sunday 10th of October 2010 01:30:57 PM
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TCCR0=0x00; //timer off
PORTB = 0xff;
// Declare your global variables here
void main(void)
// Declare your local variables here
unsigned char p,q;
int r=0;
// Input/Output Ports initialization
// Port A initialization
// Func7=In Func6=In Func5=In Func4=In Func3=In Func2=In Func1=In Func0=In
// State7=T State6=T State5=T State4=T State3=T State2=T State1=T State0=T
// Port B initialization
// Func7=Out Func6=Out Func5=Out Func4=Out Func3=Out Func2=Out Func1=Out Func0=Out
// State7=0 State6=0 State5=0 State4=0 State3..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Iris Scan Download Full Seminar Report

Posted by: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Thursday 30th of July 2009 06:29:59 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 23rd of February 2012 01:38:21 AM
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ris recognition which is one of the most popular biometric techniques. This technology finds applications in diverse fields. df&name=Iris%20Scan.pdf..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks Download Full Report

Posted by: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Thursday 30th of July 2009 06:25:36 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Wednesday 01st of February 2012 10:32:25 PM
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IRIS SCANNING Full Seminar Report download

Posted by: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Saturday 13th of June 2009 01:58:15 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Sunday 17th of August 2014 07:19:32 AM
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So accurate are the algorithms used in iris recognition that the
entire planet could be enrolled in an iris database with only a small chance of false
acceptance or false rejection. The technology addresses the FTE (Failure to Enroll)
problems which lessen the effectiveness of other biometrics. Only the iris recognition
technology can be used effectively and efficiently in large scale identification
implementations. The tremendous accuracy of iris recognition allows it, in many ways,
to stand apart from other biometric technologies.
2.1 Anatomy ,physiology and development of the iris
..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Sunday 01st of March 2009 02:39:27 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Wednesday 18th of January 2012 10:50:27 PM
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hat allows it to run as an unprivileged lightweight virtual machine in kernel mode, on top of another OS kernel. It allows Linux to run under any operating system that supports loading drivers, such as Windows or Linux, after minimal porting efforts. The report includes the present and future implementation details, its applications, and its comparison with other Linux virtualization methods. Among the technical details Iâ„¢ll present the CPU-complete context switch code, hardware Cooperative Linux 6 interrupt forwarding, the interface between the host OS and Linux, and the management of ..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Friday 30th of January 2009 01:10:04 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 28th of July 2009 10:00:22 AM
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ful over current surges and over-temperature faults. Like traditional fuses, these limit the flow of dangerously high current during fault conditions. The PPTC device, however, automatically resets after the fault is cleared and power to the circuit is removed. Understanding the precise nature of these devices can help designers develop more reliable equipment and reduce warranty, service and repair costs. Improvements in size, cost and performance have resulted in wide spread acceptance of polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) devices, but several product names and commonly used t..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Thursday 29th of January 2009 12:28:49 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Friday 24th of December 2010 01:14:32 AM
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nge of parameters such as temperature, Light pressure, colour, sound radio freq, electrical current and voltage etc. To conclude that, non intrusive load monitoring is a very cost effectiv..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

New seminar topic List

Posted by: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Monday 26th of January 2009 11:26:52 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Wednesday 21st of January 2015 10:40:29 AM
List, topic , seminar, finfet technology 4g wireless systems , zigbee zapping away wired worries ppt, technical seminar on new methods to power mobile phones , electrical seminar topic list, here is the list of new electrical seminar topics , new methods to power cellphones, list of new technologies for seminar , new technology list for seminar, latest seminar topics on digital communication , disposable nano pumps abstract, new electrical seminar topics 2011 , membrane computing seminar projects, new seminar topic , topicnames of ppt on wireless technology, technical seminar topics nano electrial pdf , new seminar topics on latest technology in bionics, new projects , seminar topic list,
of mobiles in telecommunication
Blue Eyes
Wireless communication
Optical networking
Carbon Nano Tubes
Fast convergemce algorithms for active noise control in vehicles
Convergence Of Microcontrollers And DSPs
Neural Networks
Class-D Amplifiers
Organic LED
Intel express chipsets.
Digital Light Processing
Wireless mimo communication systems.
Mesh radio.
Embedded Systems In Automobiles
Dynamic VPN
Wireless LED
Fault Diagnosis Of Electronic System using AI
Optical Coherent Tomography
Plasma antenna
Fundamental Limits Of Silicon Technology
Qu..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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