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indexing mechanism in milling machine

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indexing mechanism in milling machine

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Created at: Monday 08th of September 2014 01:40:56 PM
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i want to know something regarding to i..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


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Created at: Friday 01st of October 2010 04:36:24 AM
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Group Members , and a counter for counting the rotations made by the index plate when the bolt is withdrawn and causing arrest of the index plate and re engagement of the bolt after the predetermined number of revolutions of the index plate have been performedWaleed Munir 07 IME 14 Faizan Javed 07 IME 28 Shahbaz Malik 07 IME 32 Ahsan Tahir 07 IME 43 Osama Afzal 07 IME 18 , a bolt which is engageable with the index plate to lock the table against rotation , an index plate geared to a , hobbing machine ppt , projects on mechanism and machine, indexing mechanism , indexing mechanism in milling machine, mecenical gear cutting machine , mecanism of hobbing machine, presentation hobbing machine , indexing mechanism for milling machine, gear indexing ppt , project report for indexing mechanism, indexing mechanism pdf , indexing mechanism ppt, mechanism of hobbing machine , hobbing machine mechanism, hobbing for seminar , hobing gear train, geartrain for hobbing machine , indexing mechanism gear cutting, milling machine indexing mechanism , seminar report for hobbing, seminar for hobbing , indexing plate mechanism, gear hobbing machine mechanism , hobbing machine,
ing rotation to the workpiece between successive cutting operations of the milling cutter, an index plate geared to a table supporting the workpiece and arranged when the milling cutter is in operation to perform a predetermined integral number of revolutions for each indexing movement of the workpiece, a bolt which is engageable with the index plate to lock the table against rotation, and a counter for counting the rotations made by the index plate when the bolt is withdrawn and causing arrest of the index plate and re-engagement of the bolt after the predetermined number of revolutions of th..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Mechatronic Means for Machine Accuracy Improvement

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Created at: Tuesday 20th of April 2010 05:00:55 AM
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ontrol their displacements with electric or magnetic fields, thus compensating the various errors. Piezomechanic correction systems are used for raster scale error correction, in photoelectric or other types of transducers and for final correction of 3-D machine elements position. Active error compensation covers not only measurement systems, but also opens new ways of increasing the accuracy of such typical components of technological machines as beddings, slideways, fixing and datum keeping surfaces. New structure units of precise correction mechanisms - active kinematic pairs, are presented..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: razahashmi
Created at: Wednesday 14th of April 2010 06:00:59 AM
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i..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

cnc machine full report

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Created at: Friday 26th of March 2010 06:53:15 PM
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sent to the CNC machine.
CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine:
The signals from the interface control the motors on the CNC machine. The signals determine the way the vice moves. The vice moves in three directions X, Y and Z. (Horizontally, vertically and depth). The signals also control the speed of the cutting tool.
A CNC machine is normally controlled by a computer and software. However, most CNC machines have a range of controls for manual use. It is rare for a CNC machine to be used manually as simple operations are best carried out on cheap/basic/manual mac..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

A Signature-Based Indexing Method for Efficient Content-Based Retrieval of Relative T

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Created at: Friday 19th of February 2010 02:43:02 AM
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i want ppts

subb..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


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Created at: Sunday 17th of January 2010 11:18:28 AM
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HEAD, DRILL , WITH, ACCOMMODATED , planer milling machine, PLANER MILLING MACHINE ACCOMMODATED WITH DRILL HEAD , MACHINE, MILLING , PLANER, milling machine project ideas , milling machines ppt, ppt on planer machine , ppt on planner machine, planer mill machinery , shaper planer drilling ppt, cutting milling machine ppt , planer machine ppt, engineering project report for milling machine , project report on milling machine, ppt for planner machine , double housing planer ppt, vertical milling machine project reports , ppt milling machine, planer machine , ppt planer machine, planing machine projects pdf , projects in planner machine, seminar report on milling machine , millin machine project ideas, planer milling machine accomodated with drilling machine ,
bed; the open-side variety has a vertical support on only one side, allowing the work piece to extend beyond the bed.

MACHINE CONFIGURATIONSurface area of work table:
4 metres * 6 metres.
Maximum distance between the work table & the arm:
2 metres.
Maximum weight of work that the bed can withstand:
45 tones.

Lift the work piece, using hoist, to position on machine bed.
Secure work piece in holding fixture, using wrenches, and verify position, using gauges, calipers, or square.
Select cutting tool and mount it i..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Computer Aided Process Planning CAPP

Posted by: mechanical engineering
Created at: Monday 28th of December 2009 05:25:04 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 28th of December 2009 05:25:04 AM
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ng a programme written in Visual Basic 6.0.
The Oracle 7.3 has been used for database management. The highlight of the system is that it has got excellent user interface by which user can interact with the system at different levels while generating a process plan.

Various modules used for generating process plan are described as follows:
Feature Extraction Module
The Solid modelling software plays an important role in providing features data. The solid modelling software package used in this work is SolidWorks 98 Plus windows based software. The software coding to extract..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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