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ieee seminar topics 2011

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ieee seminar topics 2011 and 2012

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Created at: Tuesday 18th of December 2012 02:47:09 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 18th of December 2012 02:47:09 AM
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ieee seminar topic

Posted by: Arathy kp
Created at: Tuesday 28th of June 2011 08:40:09 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 21st of July 2011 05:19:26 AM
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I need details about SOTA:Small Optical Transponder for Micro-Satellite.....its urgent pleas..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

ece seminar topic with abstrac

Posted by: sunder598
Created at: Thursday 03rd of February 2011 08:27:12 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 28th of February 2012 07:51:57 AM
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helooo sir.......... im sunder rajan
i need abstract on any topic related to ece which should be in ieee format
plz its very urgent
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seminar topics for computer science 2011 2010

Posted by: project topics
Created at: Saturday 29th of January 2011 03:40:29 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 16th of February 2012 12:22:50 AM
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426. Computational Intelligence and Linguistics
427. Co-operative LINUX
428. High Speed Data In Mobile Networks
429. Embedded systems and vlsi an architectural approach to reduce leakage energy in memory
430. Biometric Secuirty
431. Inter-Operabilty of 802
432. Micro Hard disk Drives
433. Cross Platform Component Object Model
434. Micro chip production using extreme uv lithography
435. Forecasting using Double Exponential Smoothing Method
436. Mining Document Streams
438. Ontological Relation Discovery
439. A cognitive radio approach for usin..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: computer science topics
Created at: Monday 07th of June 2010 08:36:50 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Sunday 04th of December 2011 10:12:59 PM
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m (NIDES) developed by SRI is a hybrid intrusion detection system. NIDES performs real time monitoring of user activity on multiple target systems connected on a network. It consists of a misuse detection component as well as an anomaly detection component. The rule base misuse component employs expert rules to define known intrusive activities. The anomaly component is based on statistical approach, and it flags activities as attacks if they are largely deviant from the expected behaviors. By combing a statistical component and an expert system component, NIDES increases the chances to de..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Moletronics- an invisible technology

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Sunday 21st of September 2008 12:57:06 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Saturday 11th of February 2012 03:25:05 AM
technology , invisible, Moletronics , moletronics an invisible technology pdf, moletronics an invisible technology seminar , abstract for moletronics an invisible technology, moletronics an invisible technology ppt , moletronics an invisible technology, moletronics an invisible technology report , molelectronics ppt, invisible technology abstract , moletronics an invisible technology wikipedia, technical seminar report on moletronics , moletronics an invisible technology seminar report, invisible technology ppt , moletronics an invisible t wave power devicesechnology, ppt on invisible technology , introduction to moletronics, www ieee seminar engineering non visible , invisible technolgy, moletronics ,
ch for a viable successor to silicon computer technology has garnered considerable curiosity in the last decade. The latest idea, and one of the most intriguing, is known as molecular computers, or moletronics, in which single molecules serve as switches, quantum wires a few atoms thick serve as wiring, and the hardware is synthesized chemically from the bottom up.

The central thesis of moletronics is that almost any chemically stable structure that is not specifically disallowed by the laws of physics can in fact be built. The possibility of building things atom by atom was first introdu..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

PH Control Technique using Fuzzy Logic

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Saturday 20th of September 2008 11:46:46 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 15th of March 2012 11:53:31 PM
Logic , Fuzzy, using , Technique, Control , ph control technique using fuzzy logic, fuzzy logic , how to ask info on ph, how to use fuzzy logic in electical , ph control technique using fuzzy logic seminars, ieee seminar topics for eee based on fuzzy logic , topics on ph control,
The rest of the process is the same as the earlier case. The ultimate objective of using fuzzy control is to provide a user-friendly formalism for representing and implementing the ideas we have about how to achieve high performance control. Apart from being a heavily used technology these days, fuzzy logic control is simple, effective and efficient. In this paper, the structure, working and design of a fuzzy controller is discussed in detail through an in-depth analysis of the development and functioning of a fuzzy logic pH controller.

PH Control

To illustrate the application of fuzzy ..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Axial-Field Electrical Machines

Posted by: computer science crazy
Created at: Saturday 20th of September 2008 11:15:20 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 12th of November 2012 01:57:10 AM
Machines , Electrical, Axial Field , axial field electrical machines, eletrical machines seminar , axial field electrical machine, axial field electrical machines ppt , seminar on axial field electrical machines, axail field electrical machines , axial dc machines, axial field electrical machines abstract , axial field machines, axiel field electrical macines , auxial field electric matchines, electrical machines seminar topics 2011 , electrical seminar topics related to machines, ppt on axial field mechines , seminar topic with axial feild electrical machine in details, axial field electrical machines pdf , electrical machines, seminar report on axial field electrical machines , axial electric field ppt,
manufacturing aspects and potential applications for axial-field electrical machines. The experimental from several prototypes, including d.c. machines, synchronous machines and single-phase machines are given. The special features of the axial-field machine, such as its planar and adjustable air gap, flat shape, ease of diversification, etc., enable axial-fled machines to have distinct advantages over conventional machines in certain applications, especially in special purpose applications. conventional radial field machines. The axial field electrical machines described in this paper are pa..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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