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himalaya drugs company ppt

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himalaya drug company ppt

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Created at: Tuesday 25th of June 2013 03:10:25 AM
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i need himalaya drug company full organisation structure with all de..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: smart paper boy
Created at: Monday 18th of July 2011 01:50:39 AM
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ttery or furniture, sophisticated artwork, and overall better products. If the producer differentiated their product as superior in the mind of the consumer, then that producer's mark or brand came to represent superiority.
Today's modern concept of branding grew out of the consumer packaged goods industry and the process of branding has come to include much, much more than just creating a way to identify a product or company.
Branding today is used to create emotional attachment to products and companies. Branding efforts create a feeling of involvement, a sense of higher quality, and an au..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: seminar surveyer
Created at: Thursday 20th of January 2011 04:27:18 AM
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d against the foreign company’s creditors, including the New York-based private equity fund Apollo Management, which had backed an earlier reorganisation plan that would give them an equity stake in the chemicals maker, foreign news agency Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, quoting two unnamed sources. That plan is set to lead Lyondell out of bankruptcy. RIL stock closed 0.5% up at Rs 983.60 in a strong Mumbai market on Tuesday. The RIL spokesperson declined to comment on the development. A successful deal would have created the world’s largest petrochemical company ahead of BASF and Dow C..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Hero honda customer satisfaction

Posted by: thamilsakti
Created at: Monday 24th of May 2010 11:34:06 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 02nd of August 2011 12:01:04 AM
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[/fo..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Operations Support System OSS for a Telecom company

Posted by: project report tiger
Created at: Tuesday 09th of February 2010 07:58:25 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Tuesday 09th of February 2010 07:58:25 PM
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cation are as follows -
1. Customer Details
Data maintained includes - Telephone number, Customer Name, Address, , Rate Plan, Connection activation date, Status
2. Call Detail Record (CDR) Structure
This figure shows the basic structure of a call detail record (CDR). This diagram shows that a usage data report (UDR) contains a unique identification number, the originator of the call, the called number, the start and end time of the call. this diagram also shows an additional charge for operator assistance and that a UDR dynamically grows as more relevant information becomes available.

..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Decision Support System for a Fuel Management company

Posted by: project report tiger
Created at: Tuesday 09th of February 2010 07:44:23 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 14th of October 2010 01:23:29 AM
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her miscellaneous expenses. The Finance department supplies details on Interest Costs, Forex rates, Forward cover and overhead costs whereas Marketing department offers finer points of the commercial terms. The cost sheet is translated into an offer, after taking into consideration all the above inputs and is sent to the customer.
The customer negotiates the prices with ECL and places an order.
Order Processing:
ECL, on receipt of an order, keeps ECW posted of the order details. ECW enters into a contract with the supplier to meet ECL order. ECW hires a vessel arranges for loading..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]


Posted by: project report tiger
Created at: Monday 08th of February 2010 07:31:25 AM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Monday 19th of November 2012 01:05:06 AM
A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FOR BSNL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AND ITS ROLE IN BUILDING BRAND EQUITY FOR THE COMPANY pdf, A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FOR BSNL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AND ITS ROLE IN BUILDING BRAND EQUITY FOR THE COMPANY ppt , A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION FOR BSNL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AND ITS ROLE IN BUILDING BRAND EQUITY FOR THE COMPANY, ROLE , SERVICES, PRODUCTS , BSNL, SATISFACTION , CUSTOMER, organisation structure of bsnl ppt , customer satisfaction survey between bsnl and airtel, project customer satisfaction for landline , project report customer satisfaction for bsnl users, project on customer preference towards bsnl , bsnl customer satisfaction project, customer satisfaction questionnaire for bsnl , to study user and attitude among bsnl users for the value added services in pdf, scope of the study of fiancial anlysis in bsnl , customer perception towards bsnl in network services, bsnl product , questionnair on customer satisfication for bsnl landline customer, project on customer satisfaction on bsnl mobile phone users , bsnl product powr point,
certain the Customers Satisfaction level for Mobile services as well as Land line Services.
To analyze the Customer opinion and satisfaction with specific reference to BSNL.
To suggest some guidelines to BSNL in order to provide better focused services.
To determine the status of brand awareness and brand loyalty in order to conclude about brand equity.
To learn about the brand attributes and their preferences in BSNL.
1.4 Scope of the Study:
This research study is useful for BSNL to understand the expectations and requirements of Customers and can serve them in a better way.
Thi..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

Types of ownerships

Posted by: seminar class
Created at: Monday 07th of March 2011 10:20:22 PM
Last Edited Or Replied at :Thursday 17th of November 2011 09:51:45 PM
difference between partnership and joint stock company ppt , joint stock companies proprietorship ppt, types of seminar topics ,
 Joint stock company
(a) Private limited
(b) Public limited
 co-operative socities
 Public sector organisation
Sole proprietorship
 The entire business controlled by single person
 Own capital
 He is the only decision maker
 Ex:-small scale industries
 Easy to start
 Simple Organization
 Requires less capital
 Business secrecy can be maintained
 Free from government regulations
 Limited capital
 Unlimited liability
 Managerial skill is limited
 Risk is high
..................[:=> Show Contents <=:]

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