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Title: Game
Page Link: Game -
Posted By: mechanical engineering crazy
Created at: Wednesday 05th of August 2009 06:43:40 AM
college for game testing, game for girls, game android**nanorobotics, snack andladers game, e police game, boatman s puzzle game, tic tac toe game presentation,
Bricks ball game is a game which is arranged in the form of bricks and a circular ball. The ball is being controlled by a player. The ball is colliding with a paddle which is on the bottom of the screen and is being controlled by keyboard or mouse. On collision with paddle the ball bounces in the upward direction and touches the bricks. As ball touches the bricks, the bricks which will be touched will be disappear. In this game there should be multi-player system. ....etc

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Title: Robocode is an Open Source educational game
Page Link: Robocode is an Open Source educational game -
Posted By: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Saturday 28th of February 2009 11:18:01 PM
sanke game report, open source course development tools, video fingerprinting open source, unblocked paperboy game, open source framework, 25 best educational, is college of dupage open today,
Robocode is an Open Source educational game

Robocode is an Open Source educational game by Mathew Nelson (originally R was provided by IBM). It is designed to help people learn to program in Java and enjoy the experience. It is very easy to start - a simple robot can be written in just a few minutes - but perfecting a bot can take months or more. Competitors write software that controls a miniature tank that fights other identically-built (but differently programmed) tanks in a playing field. Robo ....etc

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Title: automatic segmentation of pulmonary segments from volumetric chest ct scan
Page Link: automatic segmentation of pulmonary segments from volumetric chest ct scan -
Posted By: Rajakumari
Created at: Friday 12th of March 2010 10:51:02 AM
graham scan matlab code, customers perception towards premium segments in tv industry with respect to videocon, volumetric display seminar, retina scan in coding in java, ct scan component ppt, liver segmentation from ct scan matlab code, ct scan project report,

project Report in the automatic segmentatoin of pulmonary segments from volumetric chest ct scan ....etc

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Title: Game Playing in Artificial Intelligence
Page Link: Game Playing in Artificial Intelligence -
Posted By: iitbuji
Created at: Saturday 24th of October 2009 03:43:04 AM
examples of game playing in artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence controversy, game for girls, artificial intelligence blog, artificial intelligence ethical issues, artificial intelligence illustration, electronics projects guess game,

Game theory has history from the birth of the Artificial Intelligence. Most of the games in AI are two players, zero sum games. Game trees are used to represent the game. Minimax tree is the representation of game configuration possibilities along with the utility values of the players. Minimax tree is used to take a decision during game playing. Most of the games have huge size of game trees and time constraints. Alpha beta pruning is used to take the decision within the given time constraints without search ....etc

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Title: Watermarking of Chest CT Scan Medical Images for Content Authentication
Page Link: Watermarking of Chest CT Scan Medical Images for Content Authentication -
Posted By: seminar class
Created at: Friday 06th of May 2011 01:00:17 AM
digital audio watermarking based on dwt and content authentication mechanism, watermarking digital images, project ideas for medical image watermarking, date wise scan images of anandabazar patrika, ppt on gpr b scan images,
Medical image is usually comprised of region ofinterest (ROI) and region of non interest (RONI). ROI is theregion that contains the important information from diagnosispoint of view so it must be stored without any distortion. Wehave proposed a digital watermarking technique which avoidsthe distortion of image in ROI by embedding the watermarkinformation in RONI. The watermark is comprised of patientinformation, hospital logo and message authentication code,computed using hash function. Earlier BCH encryption ofwatermark is ....etc

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Title: Shooting Game In Notepad
Page Link: Shooting Game In Notepad -
Posted By: mechanical wiki
Created at: Tuesday 08th of September 2009 05:58:59 AM
snack andladers game, the game snakes, shooting in, snack game based on android, android game programming eclipse, snakes game online, disel locomotive wdg4 trouble shooting,
A really cool shooting game that play in Notepad. More improved and neater than the one I submitted earlier this month. Please comment on it. The controls are simple: Player 1 Move - Left/Right Arrow Keys Shoot - Down Arrow Player 2 Move - (Numpad 6)Right / (Numpad 4)Left Shoot - (Numpad 8)Shoot Remember to comment and vote if possible.

Author:- Brenton Andrew Saunders

Compatibility:Microsoft Visual C++ ....etc

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Title: Interactive Game Downloader Application for Mobile Devices
Page Link: Interactive Game Downloader Application for Mobile Devices -
Posted By: project topics
Created at: Wednesday 21st of April 2010 01:18:48 PM
e police game, control devices by mobile, the game interview on, how to download ultimatix ipms mobile application, natural calamities information marathi pdf downloader, mancala game in open gl, game face,
Interactive Game Downloader Application for Mobile Devices

In mobile scenario interctive web applications are replacing the conventional web pages. The propsed project is an interactive j2me/.NET application that will directly communicate with the web service. The project will have three modules.

1. Web service

The webservice is the server programme of this project. This module will receive requests from different applications and will give according responses. This module will also handle the database operations of this project.

2 ....etc

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Posted By: project report tiger
Created at: Wednesday 24th of February 2010 11:29:33 PM
a sample code for implementing the multiple levels in a j2me game, snack andladers game, j2me computer science projects, the constitution specifies, mobile device detection script, tic tac toe, how to open eportal erp bsnl co in irj portal in compatible view,

1. Introduction
Modem mobile phones are small computers, with limited processing power by desktop standards, but power enough to run a small game. If you have a recent phone, you have more processing power in your pocket than ran the Lunar Lander.
Today's phones are also by their very nature networked computers, efficiently sending and receiving digital data. Primarily geared for voice data, they can send and receive other kinds of dat ....etc

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Title: Introduction to Game Theory
Page Link: Introduction to Game Theory -
Posted By: computer science crazy
Created at: Friday 23rd of October 2009 05:58:24 AM
the game snakes, the game interview on, tic tac toe game presentation, game for girls, electronics projects guess game, introduction dawhani pradushn, ppt for game theory based defense,

Game theory is a distinct and interdisciplinary approach to the study of human behavior. Game theoretic concepts apply whenever the actions of several agents are interdependent. The concepts of game theory provide a language to formulate, structure, analyze and understand strategic scenarios. In this seminars, I will talk about general concepts related to game theory, how games can be represented and general strategies to solve games ....etc

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Title: Development Analysis of a 3D Game Engine Using Object Oriented Software Engineering
Page Link: Development Analysis of a 3D Game Engine Using Object Oriented Software Engineering -
Posted By: nit_cal
Created at: Thursday 29th of October 2009 03:36:32 AM
sodoko game, object oriented in java, seminar for object oriented development approach, software analysis ppt, snakes game online, tic tac toe game presentation, halo network game,

Real-time rendering is one of the most dynamic areas in computer graphics. Three dimensional computer games are in other way the most profitable commercial application of real-time rendering (and Computer Graphics as a whole). With every generation of 3D accelerators we see nicer and more realistic games with new effects and more complex models. History of 3D real-time rendering in computer games falls back to year 1984 to 8 bit computer ZX Spectrum. On this computer with 4 colors and memory of tens kilobytes was 3D ....etc

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