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Title: Wireless Chemical Networks for Nano-medical Applications
Page Link: Wireless Chemical Networks for Nano-medical Applications -
Posted By: projectsofme
Created at: Friday 01st of October 2010 03:11:57 AM
nano medical,

Nano robotics
chemical communication techniques for nanorobots foraging in fluid environments relevant for medical applications
A multi-robot molecular machine system could be described as a system to perform molecular manufacturing at the atomic scale, whose constituent entities are capable of cooperating collectively.
Designing nanorobotic systems deal with vast variety of sciences, from quantum molecular dynamics, to kinematic analysis


atom (~0.1nm)
large molecule (~1- ....etc

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Title: nano memory and nano instructions computer science seminar
Page Link: nano memory and nano instructions computer science seminar -
Posted By: Guest
Created at: Sunday 31st of March 2013 05:46:03 AM
nano technology seminar topics ppt, nano telecommunication pdf, nano technology ieee format, nano ic engine working wiki, uses of nano technology in computer science 2012 ppt, nano polymer technology ppt, latest seminar report for nano concrete download,
wots z nano memory and nano instructions..??? ....etc

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Title: nano-technology-nano-generator-to-power-nano-de
Page Link: nano-technology-nano-generator-to-power-nano-de -
Posted By: anguganesh
Created at: Sunday 22nd of August 2010 12:22:27 PM
nano catalist ppt, paper presentation on nanotechnology assembler design and nano communication, nano technology ieee format, project work on nano particals ppt, heart attack detection using nano sensors, seminar report on nano ring memory, nano clay applications ppt,
send it to me plz. i need it to be presented. send me the ppt and word doc as soon as possible.. ....etc

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Title: The nano-mechanical signature of Ultra High Performance Concrete by statistical nano
Page Link: The nano-mechanical signature of Ultra High Performance Concrete by statistical nano -
Posted By: seminar class
Created at: Monday 14th of March 2011 11:58:40 PM
hexbugtm nano robotic bug, construction of nano vaccines pdf, nano robos, nano ic engine, nano technology danger, nano fuel cell technical report, nano ic engine full pdf,
Presented by
Sharifa khan V.S.Naga Sai

The nano-mechanical signature of Ultra High Performance Concrete by statistical nano indentation techniques
A b s t r a c t

Advances in engineering the microstructure of cementitious composites have led to the development of fiber reinforced Ultra High Performance Concretes (UHPC). The scope of this paper is twofold, first to characterize the nano-mechani ....etc

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Title: Nano Electronic Memory Device using Nano mirrors
Page Link: Nano Electronic Memory Device using Nano mirrors -
Posted By: Mayank Patel
Created at: Monday 25th of January 2010 10:00:59 AM
nano robots in medical applied fields, nano fogs, technical seminar topics on nano technology in memory device pdf file, nano robot chassis, nano catalist ppt, nano particles, mirrors,
Please,give me seminars report & e books related to mention topic !!! ....etc

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Title: Electronic Applications of carbon Nano Tubes Download Seminar Report
Page Link: Electronic Applications of carbon Nano Tubes Download Seminar Report -
Posted By: Computer Science Clay
Created at: Thursday 30th of July 2009 06:51:24 AM
report on carbon chip**rs using expert system project report***3## **control and analysis of unified power flow controller, low carbon buildings seminar topics, rijke tubes seminar topics, project theory for construction of choke for fluroscent tubes, nano clay applications ppt, carbon fibre seminar report, free download seminar topics on carbon nano tubes,
The remarkable properties of carbon nanotubes may allow them to play a crucial role in the relentless drive towards miniaturization at the nanometre scale.

Nanotechnology is predicted to spark a series of industrial revolutions in the next two decades that will transform our lives to a far greater extent than silicon microelectronics did in the 20th century. Carbon nanotubes could play a pivotal role in this upcoming revolution if their remarkable electrical and mechanical properties can be exploited.

Since the first measurements were mad ....etc

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Posted By: project topics
Created at: Friday 02nd of April 2010 01:25:27 AM
future scope of introducing nano cars into robotics, project full report on nano ring memory doc, disadvantages of nano chemicals, nano optical superlenses, projects in nano leaves, tata nano case studies, silver nano particles by plant extracts uv blank solution,

Materials Science research is now entered a new phase where the structure and properties of materials are investigated, characterized and controlled at the nanoscale. Though as sophisticated as their larger counterparts, these devices are still burdened because they rely on an outside power. The size of the entire device is determined by the size of the power source. Batteries and other traditional sources are too large, and tend to negate the size advantages of nano devices. Also, batteries being used at present ....etc

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Title: Nano-Bio Bio-Nano Frontier
Page Link: Nano-Bio Bio-Nano Frontier -
Posted By: seminar projects crazy
Created at: Tuesday 20th of January 2009 01:26:02 PM
seminar topics for cse in nano robots, wikipedia bio inspired networking advantages, nano fluid, nano generator abstract, working models in bio tech, positioning of nano car from tata, seminar nano communication**report pdf,
The interface between different fields is believed to be fertile ground for breakthrough research. The interface between the emerging fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology is particularly interesting. The possibilities for new fruit are diverse: biotechnology offers new approaches for self-assembly of structures at the nanoscale, while nanotechnology offers new methods for probing and accessing biological systems. In this talk, I will discuss research in this new frontier in my group, including 1) self-assembly of 2D nanocomponent arrays b ....etc

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Title: nano electronic memory device using nano mirrors
Page Link: nano electronic memory device using nano mirrors -
Posted By: ganesh09401
Created at: Tuesday 17th of January 2012 02:43:19 AM
memory device for the planets, seminar on nano schock absorber, history of nano ring memory, project report on nano, seminar report for nano computers, report of nano computing, applications of nano technology,
please i need full document & ppt of this topic. ....etc

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Posted By: computer science technology
Created at: Thursday 28th of January 2010 08:26:30 PM
facts about lie detectors for kids, microfluidic, datamining based intrusion detectors, nems au porc, applications of nano technology, bioassay for adrenaline, sensors and their application in robotics with ppt,

Nanotechnology is an extremely powerful emerging technology, which is expected to have a substantial impact on medical technology now and in the future. The potential impact ofnovel nanomedical applications on disease diagnosis, therapy, and prevention is foreseen to change health care in a fundamental way.
Biomedical nanotechnology presents revolutionary opportunities in the fight against many diseases . An area with near-term potential is detecting molecules ....etc

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