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Title: time complexity for c program for strassen s matrix multiplication ppt
Page Link: time complexity for c program for strassen s matrix multiplication ppt -
Posted By: Guest
Created at: Wednesday 21st of November 2012 10:08:20 AM
matrix multiplication in verilog, time complexity of matrix multiplication program, strassen matrix multiplication c program diagram, matrix multiplication in excel, ppt on strassens matrix multiplication with example, time complexity of algo** format abstract mobile computing**report on network security and firewall pdf, analysis of algorithm complexity sahni,
seminar report on time complexity of a c program ....etc

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Title: Sockets Tutorial
Page Link: Sockets Tutorial -
Posted By: smart paper boy
Created at: Tuesday 19th of July 2011 05:27:20 AM
hdb3 coding tutorial, avl fire tutorial, staad pushover tutorial, fdupes tutorial, qualnet tutorial, data transmission using multitasking sockets file type pdf, microprocessor architecture tutorial,

The client server model
Most interprocess communication uses the client server model. These terms refer to the two processes which will be communicating with each other. One of the two processes, the client, connects to the other process, the server, typically to make a request for information. A good analogy is a person who makes a phone call to another person.
Notice that the client needs to know of the existence of and the address of the server, but the server does not need to know the address of (or even the ex ....etc

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Title: Low Complexity SISO Multiuser Detector for Iterative Decoding of Asynchronous CDMA
Page Link: Low Complexity SISO Multiuser Detector for Iterative Decoding of Asynchronous CDMA -
Posted By: project report tiger
Created at: Sunday 28th of February 2010 11:24:47 AM
time complexity of algo, seminar topics on cyclomatic complexity, seminar report on multiuser detection, multiuser sms based electronic display, differential decoding implementation in vhdl, complexity, what is multiuser detection mud,
A Low-Complexity SISO Multiuser Detector for Iterative Decoding of Asynchronous CDMA Systems With Convolutional Codes
The optimal decoding scheme for asynchronous codedivision multiple-access (CDMA) systems that employ convolutional codes results in a prohibitive computational complexity. To reduce the computational complexity, an iterative receiver structure was proposed for decoding multiuser data in a convolutional coded CDMA system. At each iteration, extrinsic information is exchanged between a soft-input soft-output (S ....etc

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Title: Analog Electronics Tutorial DIODES
Page Link: Analog Electronics Tutorial DIODES -
Posted By: smart paper boy
Created at: Friday 29th of July 2011 05:46:08 AM
hdb3 coding tutorial, leistungscode hdb3 tutorial, scatter zedgraph tutorial, analog base mini project for electronics engineering student, ddr3 tutorial ppt, project report on diodes, mobile charger using diodes,

What Are Diodes Made Out Of?
Silicon (Si) and Germanium (Ge) are the two most common single elements that are used to make Diodes. A compound that is commonly used is Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), especially in the case of LEDs because of it’s large bandgap.
Silicon and Germanium are both group 4 elements, meaning they have 4 valence electrons. Their structure allows them to grow in a shape called the diamond lattice.
Gallium is a group 3 element while Arsenide is a group 5 element. When put together as a compou ....etc

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Title: Low complexity Iris coding and recognition based on directionlets
Page Link: Low complexity Iris coding and recognition based on directionlets -
Posted By: asamjoshua
Created at: Thursday 18th of March 2010 04:38:22 AM
complexity, time complexity of algo, iris recognition based on ffg, recognition and recall, iris and rose, iris recognition machine, wavelet transform complexity,
Hi ,

I am doing a project Low complexity Iris coding and recognition based on directionlets using MATLAB. Assist me in getting the codes for this project.


Sam ....etc

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Title: LabVIEW 71 Tutorial
Page Link: LabVIEW 71 Tutorial -
Posted By: seminar class
Created at: Thursday 31st of March 2011 01:58:33 AM
electronics projects in labview, qualnet tutorial, scatter zedgraph tutorial, hdb3 coding tutorial, labview 8051 microcontroller, attendance report in labview, thinwire tutorial,

Imran Haider Malik

LabVIEW 7.1
• Product of National Instruments (NI)
• Software for Virtual Instrumentation
• Data Acquisition (DAQ)
• Graphical Programming
• Data Storage and Analysis for wide Range of Applications
• Data Acquisition (DAQ)
Time dependant Signal Recording (Acquisition)
Components of DAQ:
• Sensor ( Active or Passive)
• Signal Conditioner (nowadays built-in with DAQ card)
• DAQ Card
• DAQ Software (LabVIEW)
Features of LabVIEW 7. ....etc

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Title: arm processor tutorial
Page Link: arm processor tutorial -
Posted By: seminar presentation
Created at: Saturday 29th of May 2010 07:10:59 AM
microprocessor architecture tutorial, arm processor reference, robocode tutorial, qualnet tutorial, avl fire tutorial, cdma technology tutorial, staad pushover tutorial,
ARM is a 32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by ARM Holdings. It was known as the Advanced RISC Machine, and before that as the Acorn RISC Machine.The relative simplicity of ARM processors made them suitable for low power applications. This has made them dominant in the mobile and embedded electronics market as relatively low cost and small microprocessors and microcontrollers.

reference: ....etc

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Posted By: project uploader
Created at: Friday 27th of January 2012 10:43:45 PM
wavelet transform complexity, complexity, time complexity of algo, analysis of algorithm complexity sahni, complexity point estimation template, seminar topics on cyclomatic complexity,

The objective of our project is to provide authentication based on iris recognition. A novel iris recognition method is presented. In the method, the iris features are extracted using the oriented separable wavelet transforms (directionlets) and they are compared in terms of a weighted Hamming distance. The feature extraction and comparison are shift-, size- and rotation-invariant to the ....etc

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Title: Perl Tutorial
Page Link: Perl Tutorial -
Posted By: seminar class
Created at: Monday 21st of March 2011 11:44:51 PM
r names wallpapers, as2 protocol tutorial, zedgraph tutorial, brownie sixes names, jewish mens names, h323 tutorial, dos attacks tutorial,
Presented by

Why PERL ???
• Practical extraction and report language
• Similar to shell script but lot easier and more powerful
• Easy availablity
• All details available on web
• Perl stands for practical extraction and report language.
• Perl is similar to shell script. Only it is much easier and more akin to the high end programming.
• Perl is free to download from the GNU website so it is very easily accessible .
• Perl is also available for MS-DOS,WIN-NT and Macin ....etc

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Title: 3G Tutorial
Page Link: 3G Tutorial -
Posted By: smart paper boy
Created at: Monday 29th of August 2011 05:01:41 AM
staad pushover tutorial, embedded systems tutorial, dtcwt tutorial, thinwire tutorial, as2 protocol tutorial, hdb3 coding tutorial, fdupes tutorial,

3G Tutorial
Brough Turner & Marc Orange
The authors would like to acknowledgement material contributions from:
Murtaza Amiji, NMS Communications
Samuel S. May, Senior Research Analyst, US Bancorp Piper Jaffray
Others as noted on specific slides
We intend ongoing improvements to this tutorial and solicit your comments at:
[email protected]
and/or [email protected]
For the latest version go to:
1G — Separate Frequencies
2G — TDMA Time Division Mult ....etc

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